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Eurostar Lounges Introduce Aircharge Wireless Charging for Passengers

March 29th, London – Aircharge, leaders in wireless charging solutions, and Eurostar have announced the introduction of wireless charging for mobile devices into the Business Premier Lounge at London St Pancras.

The deployment of thirty Aircharge wireless surface chargers in the Business Premier Lounge at London St Pancras allows passengers to charge their mobile devices wirelessly complementing the existing seat-side power sockets.

Passengers with one of the 95 plus Qi wirelessly enabled devices can simply place theirs on top of the Aircharge surface charger to top-up, whilst others can use the Aircharge “Orb” which enables any smartphone to charge at their seat.

Ryan Sanderson, Commercial Development Manager at Aircharge commented, “Passengers now have a convenient solution to top-up their devices on the go. The expansion of the wireless charging ecosystem into railway stations, alongside airports, hotels and other public venues, means that running low on battery whilst travelling will soon be a thing of the past.”

Rachel Calver, Product Development Manager at Eurostar added, “We are always looking at new ways to enhance the customer experience and our business lounges are a key part of the journey for many of our regular business travelers.  The Aircharge solution gives customers the opportunity to try the up-and-coming technology as well as having the convenience of at-seat charging.”

The integration of wireless charging into Eurostar Business Premier Lounges brings a unique and up-to-date convenience to the traditional atmosphere of the lounges.

Wireless charging will not be limited to passengers at the London end of the channel tunnel, as the installation is planned to extend to the Paris business lounge in the near future.

All public locations that boast Aircharge wireless charging, including Eurostar Business Premier Lounges, can be found on the Aircharge Qi wireless charging locator app, which helps users locate the nearest available Qi wireless charger throughout the UK and globally. The app is available for download on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.